Mobile Device Manager allows organizations to manage their Apple TV using Apple Business Manager (ABM).


  1. A Mac machine running Apple Configurator 2 or any other compatible version.


  1. Connect your Apple TV with the monitor.

Hello, Before Starting I want to ask you some Question.
1. Are you New In Swift ?
2. Are you Facing any issue in Web View Or SFSafariViewController ?

If your Answer is Yes Then go ahead.

Note: Safari View Controller Support only iOS 9.0+ Devices.

Safari View Controller create a New View Controller when You are open any link on SFSafariViewController.

So let’s Start now.

Create Your Swift Xcode Project.
Add Navigation Controller With your View Controller.

import SafariServices

Step 4:
Write 4 line of code.

Are you new in iOS Development(Swift)?

Are you facing to implement Web View?

If your answer is Yes then this tutorial for you.

so start working on this.

NOTE: UIwebView is deprecated from XCode 9 so if your is also supporting iOS 10 or less then it’s for you.
if your App is supporting Only iOS 11+ device then don’t use this use WKWebView instead of UIWebView.
You can Get the same Result with less effort Using SFSafariViewController.
To read how to use SFSafariViewController ClickHere.

Step 1:
Create a swift Project.

Step 2:
Add A UIwebView in your View Controller…

Anup Gupta

iOS  Developer

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