Apple TV Enrollment With MDM


Mobile Device Manager allows organizations to manage their Apple TV using Apple Business Manager (ABM).


  1. A Mac machine running Apple Configurator 2 or any other compatible version.
  2. Apple TV.
  3. Lan Cable to Connect Apple TV With Router or MacBook.
  4. Type C or USB Lan Connector.
  5. Monitor


  1. Connect your Apple TV with the monitor.
  2. Connect Apple TV with Macbook using LAN cable with LAN connector. (I know all online documents are saying to connect with the same Network with WiFi or Ethernet I also tried but the issue of a lot, Don’t Think too much now).
  3. Open System Preferences In mac.
  4. do you see the below Screenshot?

5. What are you looking at the image now sees Internet Sharing is on so do that.

6. Now see your TV is On and Connected with the internet To don't watch any show now you are doing enrollment so do it first.

7. Now using the soft touch of the Apple TV remote open the setting and do reset I will not tell you where is reset option search yourself with a soft touch of the Apple TV remote.

8. So finally you did reset here.

9. Now Keep away from Remote It’s Waring for you. I know you like soft touch.

10. So finally you are ready to connect with Apple TV.

11. did you touched the soft-touch remote again oh shit I told you not to touch so now again follow steps: 6.

12. Open Apple Configurator 2 with the latest version mine is now Version 2.13.3 (5B55)

13. open Paired Device.

14. It will show your Apple TV here if you did not touch the Remote.

15. so pair it with your Apple configurator 2.

16. Now it will show in your Apple Configurator 2.

17. You are not seeing Apple TV here I know I also faced this issue a lot so I am writing this today. Check did you faced this?

18. What next no next go back and restart your Apple TV. And Apple Configurator 2 if you cheater touched the remote then go back to step 6, else you are a good boy and following my instruction so do only restart the TV again don't touch remote.

19. Repeat Step 10.

20. Don't move forward unless you are not setting the image at step 16.

21. You finally do the major step of connecting Apple TV with Apple Configurator 2.


This is the simplest step ever you saw till now.

There is two Way
1. Normal (We will Follow this)
2. BluePrint

  1. I will recommend you a good way which is easy for you.
  2. open Apple Configurator 2 Preference and Create Organisation here. No Need to do an Apple login here. (that is optional you can skip)

3. Create a Server now. don't think I will not show you my Enrollemt Url Now get your own MDM enrollment Url.

4. So Till Now you created Organisation and Server we will use this in the next step.

5. Select Apple TV and do prepare for enrollment.

6. I don't like to write much just follow the above screenshot here we are already created Organisation and Server so we no need to create it here again just choose from the dropdown and finished the Enrollment.

7. You did a good job man what are you looking for now, Enrollment is finished.

8. Now go inside Settings of Apple TV. If you see this means you did successfully Enrollment.

9. Enjoy your day buddy.


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